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Wright family tree
Prints made in Northern Ireland.
Robert and Matilda Kelly, with their 3 children (?)
Page 8 (upper left)
Person K ;
clothing dated by Leslie Bellais at 1873-76
estimated age 2: birth 1871-1874
  Page 8 (upper right)
person L ;
clothing dated by Leslie Bellais at 1880-1900
estimated age 5: birth 1875-1895
same sailor suit as in page 10 lower right (?)
Same bearskin blanket as in page 17 lower left

Page 8 (lower left)
probably not Robert and Matilda Kelly (see comment below) ;
clothing dated by Leslie Bellais at about 1880
estimated ages 40: birth 1840
Photo by James Magill, Belfast
similar to right side of page 6
  Page 8 (lower right)
Maria Kelly ;
clothing dated by Leslie Bellais at 1875-80
estimated age 1 year: birth 1874-1879
photo by Hunter & C., Armagh

The date of the lower left photo is consistent with the woman being Matilda (Wright) Kelly (age 29 in 1880), but then the man in this photo would need to be Robert Kelly, who was age 58 in 1880; also, Robert Kelly probably had less hair on top, as on page 21. The lower left couple may also appear in the heavily foxed photos at the bottom of page 15 The boy appears older, but his photo was taken later in time than the girls' photos. Robert and Matilda Kelly had 5 children, the first four being girls. Page 21 is an alternate choice for Robert and Matilda Kelly, but this page and page 21 probably do not show the same couple.