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The old garage/carport flat roof (above) was cleaned of tar and stones, and then roofed over (bottom right side)

The eave (left edge, top photo) had come detached from the gable under the weight of heavy snow;
both were removed and re-built as a hip roof (below).

The above pictures show the front of the house; those below show the rear.

The new "sun room" on the left, with the old house on the right. A door separating the windows on the right was removed, and one set of windows moved over to fill the gap. The new room has a 4-foot crawl space, rather than a full basement. The siding is redwood, as it was for the original house.

The new "sun room", with patio door and new back porch. The nearest corner of the new room was indented to permit a large eave over the porch, and to preserve a view of the attractive back yard as seen from the original house to the right. Most eaves are about a meter wide, allowing sun in the winter but complete shade during the summer. The eave widens above the porch to about 7 feet.

The new "sun room" interior before carpets and drapes.
The two skylights face north.

The original stairway to the basement was bent. The direction was reversed and straightened (shown in white) to accommodate an electric lift for Susan, who is severely handicapped. Two openable skylights in the new sunroom were slightly damaged by hail in 2006, replaced by non-openable skylights, and the openable but still useable skylights were re-installed in the "loft" above the garage. The space under these garage skylights was well-insulated and planned as a cosy retreat, eventually to be integrated into the house, but this has not yet been done. A steep retractable stairway was installed in the ceiling of the garage, for easier access to the attic, which serves as storage space.
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