Email dated 19 September 2011 from Edwin Eshbach

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Dear Mr. McFarland

Yes, I am descendent from Elizabeth Bechtel's first marriage to Peter Eschbacher.

Elizabeth Bechtel was the daughter of David Bechtel (born 1690). He never immigrated to Pennsylvania, David Bechtel remained at Mannheim, Germany. He is recorded as "deacon at Mannheim, Germany in 1731. He lived there in 1743 with his wife, one son and one daughter. His widow was living there in 1753". (Emigrants, Refugees & Prisoners. Vol. 1, Rjichard Warren Davis) (The Growth of a Congregation, History of the Hereford Mennonite Church, Douglas L Good).

Elizabeth's two Uncles did immigrate to Pennsylvania, Hans George Bechtel arrived in 1720 and settled near Pottstown and the Rev. Hans Jacob Bechtel arrived in 1728 and settled at Hereford Township,

Elizabeth Bechtel (born c1718) married Peter Eschbacher (1694-c1742) in Mannheim, Germany. Peter, Elizabeth and baby Christian Eschbacher are recorded on the "Charming Nancy" of 1737. Peter and Elizabeth had a total of three children, Christian Eschbach(1737-1809), Margaret and Martin). Margaret married a gentleman named "Bobb" and there is no information ever found regarding Martin Eschbach. From the 1934 Landis Reunion Report, page 17 Abstract of 1784 Will of John Landis (1720-1796) it reads that Christian Eschbach (1737-1809) was "deaf and dumb". I personally question this because Christian Eschbach (1737-1809) was a prosperous land owner and father of eight children at what is now Barto, Berks County, Pa.. Whereas, I never found any research relating to Martin Eschbach (born c1740).

I put Peter Eschbacher's death about the year 1742 because Elizabeth's first child with John Landis was Ann born May of 1744.

Peter Eschbacher (1694-c1742) was the son of Peter Aeschbacher (born 1665) of Wittenbach (near Lauperswil), Bern, Switzerland. Peter Aeschbacher, the elder was arrested in 1710 and exiled in 1711.

Peter Eschbacher (1694-c1742) had two brothers, Christian (born 1686) and Hans (born 1702). All three are recorded first settling in Berks County, but two moved from these parts, one supposedly to Millersvills, Lancaster County, In 1738 Hans Eschbacher, age 32 is recorded on the ship Winter Galley, also on the same ship is recorded Johannes Bechtolt (Bechtel) age 22 or born about 1716 (maybe Elizabeth's brother?).

I can only assume that after Peter Eschbacher's death about 1742 did his two brothers moved on. Christian Eschbacher (born 1686) Will's is recorded at Paxton Township, near Harrisburg.

The Eschbachs/Eshbachs of Millersville were/are also Mennonites. There are 21 Eschbach buried at the Millersville Mennonite Chruch. There are 34 Eschbach buried at the Hereford Mennonite Church at Bally, Berks County.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Edwin Eshbach