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In December 2011, Brian Rader googled the Landis History written to this website, asking if he might obtain a CD copy of the website to use in adding to his Landis family history, since Brian is a direct descendent of Swiss immigrant John Landis of Bucks County, through his grandfather Lee F. Landis. After an email exchange of data, Brian emailed several images from the much larger collection of his mother, Lois May (Landis) Rader, to Tom McFarland, who then assembled the images and other genealogical data into this digital collection.

Brian began the study of his Landis family only recently, hoping to preserve the knowledge of his elderly parents while it is still available. Brian's mother is a first cousin of Larry Landis, whose studies of Landis family history considerably overlap Brian's interests, Therefore, the Lee F. Landis album and the Larry Landis album will be cross-linked here. However, the two albums reflect differing foci of interests, so they are presented separately.

Brian Rader lives in Henderson, Nebraska. Larry Landis, Brian Rader and Tom McFarland are descendents of Swiss-German immigrant John Landis of Bucks County.