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Certificate of Marriage for
George Bradford Burdick and Jemima Risdon

bitmap image of document (on CD only)

State of Wisconsin

I hereby certify, that on the 4th day of July
A.D. 1864 at the residence of M.L.Burdick in said county,
Mr. Geo. B. Burdick and Miss Jemima J. Risdon
residents of Lake Milwaukee C were JOINED IN MATRIMONY by and
in presence of M Israel B. Geoff and G.J.C. Sutton.

I further cerify, that previous to joining said persons in matrimony, they were examined
[indistinct], and that I found no legal impediment to said marriage.

given under my hand, at the residence of M.L.Burdick this
4 th day of July , 1864

James McLean