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Dear Tom,

I thought to email you because of the following quote from the site:

"However, our group of families is descended from John, of Bucks County, as he is called, who left fewer descendents."

Since you seemed responsible for the site (from the URL), I concluded that the "our" referred to you.

The genealogy on the site that starts with John Landis and Ann Musselman proceeds through their son John Jr. I'm descended from another of their sons...Samuel. A relative of mine named Dorothy (who I never met) did all the considerable work gathering the information. I was told by the folks at the Lancaster Historical Society when I visited some years ago that she had attempted to trace all the descendents of all three Landis brothers that came to Pennsylvania in the early 1700's. This must have been done after 1945 since I'm in the list, and that's the year I was born.

You're right, the photo is from the 1950's. I'll scan it and send it along. I'll also send along a "tree" for the Samuel line (unless you'd rather I didn't).

I am sorry about the Scottish typo...I had the Irish on the note I was copying from. Also the geneology/genealogy hiccup.

Thanks for the prompt reply.


[John Buschek, email]

Subject: Looking for my Landis roots
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2009 14:56:21 -0800

Hi, I', Linda Fraley Nichols. My mother was Mila Belle Landis. Her father Harrison Neal Landis b 1888 and his father a Samuel Landis from Harrisburg PA who married several times, but the mother of Harrison and Samuel M Landis (his older brother) was Martha Miriam Neal. Do you have any individuals like these on your line. At one time a great aunt did some genealogy and we have some pages to suggest we are descendents of one of the three brothers Benjamin, Felix or John Landes (in turn descendent of Hans Landes a martyr 1614 in Zurich) Benjamin settled in Lancaster, Felix in Dauphin and John traveled up the Schuylkill to Milford Township. John had five sons, two daughters John, Jacob, Martin, George, Samuel, Veronica and Barbara. The homestead now within an incorporation called Richland was willed to youngest son Samuel. Samuel died in 1771 leaving a widow and eight children John, Jacob, George, Anna, Barbara (who married Jacob Shelly) Abraham, Eva and Samuel. Second son Jacob seems to have purchased the homestead in Richland. His children were John, Jacob, Henry, George, Michael, Samuel and Abraham. I'm wondering if my great-grandfather was in this last generation. Thanks, Linda