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Iola Plate Family Tree

Hi Tom -

I've been looking into my family tree and discovered the Family tree for John Landis and Elizabeth Bechtel at It appears that John Max Landis mother, Iola Ilene Plate is in my family tree. Don't know if anyone on your end traced her relatives back you eventually come to Thomas Sayre who emigrated to the US before 1638.

What I have is:
Iola Ilene Plate 1915-1935 d/o Mabel Mae Furniss1890-1970
Mable d/o Hanna/Hannah Jane Sears 1859-1943
Hanna d/o George Sayers 1809-1875
George s/o Jonathan Sayrs 1777-1839
Jonathan s/o Lemuel Sayrs/Sayre/Sayers 1740/44/47-1797
Lemuel s/o Ephraim Sayre 1703/09-1773/75
Ephraim s/o Ephraim Sayre 1672/74-1715/19
Ephraim s/o Daniel Sayre 1625/33-1703
Daniel s/o Thomas Sayre 1597-1670

I am not a genealogist, but a retired GE engineer. Have been looking into what the relatives accomplished, not so much the dates, and it is quit impressive. If could help me fill out Iola's family, that would be great.


(2nd email)
There is a branch of the Sayre tree over in Rock and Jefferson Co's. Thomas Sayre emigrated from Leighton-Buzzard, Bedfordshire England. And you are correct about d/o and s/o. One of the few things I was able to pick up from these genealogists.

Thanks for forwarding my note to Larry and no need to send any Christmas gifts.

The above information from Bill Cambridge in January 2014 by email. Bill was put in touch will Larry Landis.