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family tree for Sharon's father
Email from Sharon Chamness dated 25 February 2006

Dr. McFarland,

I obtained your name from Don Gentnerís Rootsweb site, and your email from a Web search for ďDon GentnerĒ. I was very sorry to learn of his passing in June 2005. I am hoping you can assist me in my search, especially for a copy of the CD which apparently contains the full content of Mr. Gentnerís Web genealogy.

Having just begun my family history research, I cannot express how thrilled I was to find so much information about my branch of the Nenno family, especially since all of my fatherís generation has passed on.

My father was Arthur Charles Nenno (1916-1979), [3565] on the Gentner web site. His parents were Amos [3561] and Anna [3562] Nenno.

In addition to obtaining a copy of the CD with Mr. Gentnerís database, I would also like to offer my assistance in updating my fatherís branch of the Gentner/Nenno tree, if you know who I should contact. I also hope to make connections which will help me in my research as well.

I currently live just north of Memphis TN.

I would love to hear from you, if you would be so kind. If you know of anyone else who may have taken up where Mr. Gentner stopped, I would appreciate that contact information as well. I have sent an e-mail to Paul Doherty, who was listed on Mr. Gentnerís site, and hope to hear from him.

Best wishes,

Sharon Nenno Chamness