John Kenney
Mary Conlin (?)
Charles J. Nenno
Marie Kenney
Lucille B.
Mary N.
Norman J. Paton
Pauline R.
Dorothy M.
Mary L.
Lee A. Wilson
Keith A.
Jeffrey M.
Nicolle M. Guard
a son

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Charles J. Nenno, from larger 1889 Photo

Charles J. Nenno, with wife Marie Kenney about 1910
Pauline R. (Nenno) Paton with husband Norman J. Paton about 1960

In September 2010, Paula Wilson writes:
Hi Tom,

I've been meaning to email you for some time. After talking with you about my grandmother, Marie K. Kenny, I had about given up ever finding anything about her before her marriage to my grandfather, Charles Nenno. You had said that no one you knew about had been able to find her and that included many people who knew how to search. Well, guess what? I found her! I found her on the website On her death certificate it said she was born in Turtle Creek, Penn. I had used this information to find her on but she was not there. I found this website that had Turtle Creek census. And there she was. I thought It must be the right Marie (Mary) since the total population was very small. Since then has added one census from the Turtle Creek collection. Also I have been able to trace some of her siblings to Anaheim CA right along with my mother's family. Since then I also found her grave and visited it right here in Southern CA. Charles is also there but I've yet to visit his grave. This has been very exciting, as you know. My mother's Baptismal certificate had listed Francis Kenney and Anna Kenney also my mother mentioned "Aunt Annabell, my mother's sister". These mysteries have been solved in the Turtle Creek census and following this family through the census years. The 1870 census lists John's ( Marie's father) mother as Bridget. Just yesterday, I think, I found the immigration of his family from Ireland ...I think. Based on dates, names and the ages of John Kenney and his mother, Bridget . With this, I have found all my grandparents. Never knowing any of them or anything about them, this is very satisfying for me. I did not just spring up from no one...I have history!

Francis Kenney and Anna Kenney are my mother's aunts, Marie's siblings, all listed on the census I found. John's wife, Marie's mother is listed as Mary born in NY about 1840 and died sometime between 1880 and 1890. I have three different spellings for her maiden name, Conlin, listed on Marie's death certificate, Condron, on her brother, Henry's death information, and Condorn, on her brother Peter's information. Marie, being the second oldest child and the older of Henry and Peter, make me think Conlin is more likely correct.

I thought you would like hearing about this . Please add the information from to the website where you added the other information. I'd do it only I don't know how.

Take Care,
Paula Wilson

Above information supplied by Paula (Paton) Wilson by email in August 2009, and from the Nenno website written by the late Don Gentner