Pat McFarland's doll

Dorathy (Landis) McFarland claimed (in 2001) that this was her childhood doll, and she may have owned a similar doll in her youth. However, several doll experts at the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison testify that the doll is made by Ideal Doll Company (stamped in the back of the doll), with a head of the "Magic Skin" type and body of the "Betsy-Wetsy" type, built in the early 1940's as doll manufacture was undergoing a transition. The legs have sufferred a small amount of heat damage, probably from the attic of 7723 Stickney Avenue, Wauwatosa. Dorathy also claimed that the doll's clothing was made by Margaretha (Lynch) Nenno, but the doll experts state the garment was standard on these 1940's dolls, and indeed one expert said she owns a similar doll. When shown this scan in September 2001, Patricia Adele McFarland, born 1939, stated that this had been her childhood doll. Brian McFarland, born 1949, also remembered this doll from his childhood.
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