Tom L. McFarland during the interval 1940-2009
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Tom's mother saved the cowboy suit (about 1940) HS graduation photo (early 1955) At UW-Whitewater, August 2009

Tom L. McFarland : (left) Wis ID issued 5 Dec 1963 showing hairline scar
above nose from accident during play at age 13; (middle) UW ID issued 1972
  At Hauver's Erin Street home where
room was rented about 1966 (age 29)

Tom L. McFarland
1st ID photo at UW-W (abt 1969)
Tom L. McFarland
2nd ID photo at UW-W (abt 1975)
With Mary Drabic in 1977
Photos starting 1984

Tom L. McFarland about 1991 using then state-of-the-art computer in the faculty office at UW-Whitewater.
Windows, CD drives, mice, and the internet had not yet arrived, and faculty did not yet have personal office PCs.
The PC shown below had one 5.25" , one 3.5" floppy disk drive, and 13" monochrome monitor.