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On 20 March 2013, Paul Doherty wrote to Tom McFarland as follows:
I have recently been looking at some old Nenno descendant photos from the late 19th and early 20th centuries that I have collected over the years from various family members, all from the family of Barbara (Nenno) Mayer (1820-1897), my wife's great-great-grandmother. I have put all of these photos in an acid-free photo album but it has occurred to me that I should share them with others. The majority are from about the 1910's and 1920's but a few are earlier. I have a few of some of Barbara's Mayer children, and of their children, grandchildren, etc. I also have one from the early 1940's of a gathering of Nenno descendants in Hamburg, New York.

A couple of days later, 14 photos had been scanned and sent to Tom McFarland, who then created the HTML code for the display you see here. More additions are likely. The images were sent in JPG format, about 100 dots per inch, so that dome detail in the original photos was lost. The JPG was changed by Tom McFarland to BMP format for storage.