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Email from Doug Smith dated 20 May 2006

Hello Tom,

I came across your website tonight.

I just started doing more research on the Glassner families that lived in Thompson Twp., Seneca Co., OH. One of my relatives married a Peter Glassner from Prussia. A few days ago, I found out some of them (possibly) came from Berus, Germany. All the Census records say they came from Alsace, France or Prussia -- depending on the year they were taken. There was a Rospert family that came from Berus and they settled in a Twp. close to Thompson Twp.

Are you in touch with anyone from Berus? I need to find someone that can do research for me in the town of Berus. [It] almost seems like someone needs to be an expert on French and German history, to do the best job they can on their family genealogy. It would be nice if we could go back in time to find out information, that wasn't recorded in the records.

Thank-you for sending the links to the information, and for explaining how to access the "Rospert" information. There's quite a few Rospert's back home where I grew up in Ohio. I'm connected to some Rospert's through marriage. I will let you know if I make a connection, between the Rospert's in your family, and the ones I'm connected to. I just happened to come across the biographical sketch on John Rospert and read that he was born in Berus. I'm glad I found the sketch. I noticed on the 1860 Thompson Twp. Census record that the "Rospert" name was spelled "Rusport".

I wrote to a German researcher and he wrote back yesterday. He's going to put me in touch with a researcher in the Saarland. Hopefully, he will do some research for me in the town of Berus. I'll be interested to find out how much he'll charge for his services.

By the way: I'm glad Don Gentner's wife decided to keep his website online. It will help out so many fellow researchers.

Best regards,

Doug Smith
Las Vegas, Nevada