Cyllin of Britain
King Coel of Britain
Fiacha Srabhteine
Murdeach Tireach
Eochy Moyvone
Niall Mor
Foghan Owen
Fergus Mor Mac

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The Robinson Family has been traced by Lillian Millett and others back through Scottish and English kings to the first century A.D. The historical account on this page was motivated by the Mormon website : upper tree and middle tree and lower tree , nevertheless, pedigrees prior to the sixth century are based upon potentially conflicting oral traditions. Thus, I have seen one pedigree which claims that King Coel is a gggg-grandson of Julius Caesar, a claim which might delight the heart but disturb the mind. Two other conflicting accounts of Old King Coel I and old King Coel II.

One website gave the following descent from Julius Caesar:
  1. Julia minor & M. Atius BALBUS
  2. Atia & L. Marcius PHILIPPUS
  3. Octavia minor & Marcus ANTONIUS
  4. Marcella minor & Vipsianus Agrippa
  5. Vipsania Agrippina I & Germanicus CAESAR
  6. Agrippina II & Tiberius Claudius DRUSUS
  7. Tiberius Claudius BRITANNICUS
  8. Venissa Julia & Arviragus BRITAIN
  9. Meric of BRITAIN
  10. "Old King" Coel of BRITAIN
  • Cyllin of Britain, born Abt 0099, Of Britain
  • Coel "Old King Coel" (Coilus, Coel Hen) King of Britain, born 0125, Of Britain, died 0170. One account claims this man was born 60 AD and lived to the age of 110 years. Two other conflicting accounts of Old King Coel I and old King Coel II. According to the Tompsett genealogy, King Arthur was a great-great-grandson of King Coel, through Coel's daughter Gwawl, grand-daughter Gwen, and great-grand-daughter Eigr
  • Fiacha Srabhteine, born Abt 235, died about 0285, M: Abt 260
  • Aiofe, daughter of Old King Coel, born Abt 240
  • Murdeach Tireach, born Abt 261, died Abt 0326
  • Muiron, born Abt 266
  • Eochy Moyvone, born Abt 287, died Abt 0357
  • Inne, born Abt 291
  • Niall Mor ("Niall Of The Nine Hostages"), born Abt 311, died Abt 0378
  • Foghan Owen, born Abt 337, died Abt 0405
  • Muredach, born Abt 363
  • Marca, born Abt 368
  • Fergus Mor Mac, born Abt 389 :
    MorMacErc, Fergus, of Dalriada, King of Scots, died (killed) in 501
    This is as far back as the Thompsett genealogy goes. Tompsett does not list a genealogy which includes "Old King Coel"
  • Donart, born Abt 415, died 0505 :
    macFergusso, Domangart of Dalriada 'Réti', King of Scots
  • Fedelmia, born < 0331
  • Gabhran, born Abt 446 :
    (alternate) macDomangairt, Gabhran of Argyll, King of Scots, died about 559

The oldest records of relationship of British Royalty apparently come from two written documents, the Prose Edda and the