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"Grandma Farley & adopted son in Ireland"
Writing on photo was that of Lillian (Farley) Lambert
"From Tom to cousins with love; Tom & Fred"
Compare with Tom and Fred Farley
Enlarged face of woman in above photo

Dedication on back of photo below:
"From May to brother an sister with love, Grandpa Farley, Mother & adopted (son)".
[More recent writing by Lillian (Farley) Lambert]: "Grandma Farley & adopted son in Ireland"
Leslie Belais, clothing expert at the Wisconsin Historical Society, writes:
"The bodice is definitely from the late 1880s, but has been made up-to-date [in about 1893] with the addition of the shoulder ruffles and the faux lapels."
Linda McShannock, clothing expert at the Minnesota Historical Society, writes:
"I'd agree with 1892. The shoulders. The skirt is not draped (an 1880s skirt would be draped). The bodice is tight like a late 1880s, but even if it dates that early, it's been updated to reflect more current fashion in the 1890s."
This 30-35 year-old woman was thus born about 1860