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Gardiner family tree

Comments on the Gardiner and Neville families
by Joseph Carpenter

Please let me introduce myself. I am Joseph (Joe) Carpenter. I am a decendent of Thomas Gardiner (1449-1492) through my mother (Ida Jennie Gardner of West Wyoming, Luzerne, Pennsylvania).

I currently have the decendents of Thomas to the 15th Generation (my mother's) and I am currently working on the last three, which will include my generation and our grandchildren.

If you would like a copy of this document (MSWord) I will be more than happy to furnish it. If you receive this message, please reply via e-mail that I know that I have the current address.

Traced further back and found some good news! We can meet and travel to England. We're partial heirs to Hornby Castle. The home of the Neville's. Went backward to 1100,Gilbert de Neville of Raby, Durham England. Started with Elizabeth Beaumont who married OUR Thomas Gardiner. She was the grandaughter of Sir Robert de Neville (Knight of the Realm). From there is was simple to trace back using the Mormon sites. Well, that and 1.50 will get you a cup of coffee.

Hornby Castle near Lancaster, England

It will take longer than I thought to finish generations 15-19. Have generation 15 complete to my mother. Will still give you a lot more kin than you thought. I have also included the Neville Family connection. Note Hannah (Generation 9 - daughter of Stephen Gardner and Amy Sherman. I believe you said that this is your g-g-grandmother. Hannah and Peregreen (my ancestor) were bother and sister. Gee! It is a small world after all

Some of the family history has already been published, but it stopped at the turn of the 20th century and was sporatic at best. My mother is now 74 and wanted to see the tree filled-out and completed to the current generations (her great-grand children). Being the youngest of her off-spring - well, need I say more. It is intresting to note that the more I investigate the family, the more interested I became. The family settled in the Wyoming valled prior to William Penn. Vocal history said that the family came from France with William the Conqueror! But I have yet to find that link. I am still trying to fine the line prior to Thomas1. But it get more difficult. Sometimes I have a feeling that Thomas1 was created and not born. The name diffently come from the French - but what is the link?

It was easier than I thought because the majority of the family still reside in the valley and is very well known and records are easily come by as copies and sometimes originals still are maintained by the family. I also have a cousin (on the Saunders side) that is researching the family also and we compare notes quite often. The more family you can talk to and gather information from, the easier it becomes.

Although I did not start to "leave something to the family" I now know that it will. My main task is to find a family member who will keep it going and not let the history fade out once again.

It has been difficult at times, but there are times that it has brought me a lot of enjoyment.


Joseph P. Carpenter
2064 Harrison Street
Wilmington, North Carolina