Email from Holger Illian living in Berlin
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Hi Tom,

I'm Holger Illian from Berlin and I'm surfing the Internet to find out the origins of the name "Illian".

Tom McFarland asks:
>> I had hoped that you might know where (welcher Stadt oder Land)
>> these two names (Illian and Schultz) were more commonly found.

I know it a little for today in (the) case of the name Illian. Around the town of "Korbach" (near the city of Kassel) you cand find some dozens of people wearing the name "Illian" or "Ilian". My parents live in a village ca. 30-40 km in the south of Korbach. I know that the ancestors of my grand-father lived around 10-20 km in the north of our village. (So all the Illians in my environment came out of the region around Kassel). I heard once that there might have been an "exodus" of "Illian"-people in former times, perhaps because there were "Hugenotten" with the name "Illian" who came the way from/of France.

For example, I have lived in Munich some time und know I live in Berlin. According to the telephone books I was/am the only Illian who live(d t)here.

(Holger writes in a 2nd email) The info (on a big genealogy website) was that "Illian" came from the Alsace-Lorraine region in France (as I assumed already) and probably goes back to the Roman forename "Julian".

By the way, I read one year ago in the "Staatsbibliothek Berlin" that in the Middle Ages there was a "Saint Iliane", a holy female person. (There were no more infos about that).

Peace, Holger.
illian [at]