Memo from R. G. Spalding to "Grandpa and Grandma" noting the birth of Charlotte Judd Davids
Preserved and loaned for this album by Bill and Sherry Jandt
digital transcription by Tom L. McFarland in August 2001

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Page 31 scan


U.S. Navy Pay Office
434 California Street
San Francisco, April 28th 1875

Dear Grandpa & Grandma

Permit me to congratulate
you - I have just heard
the news from "Schenck".
Love to Ada (Adeline) To this Girl
I hope she will weather
the storm - and live a
thousand years - and
enjoy a future life -
Tell Ada that Ada
1 st hopes for the best
five months hence -
Yours Truly,
R.G. Spalding

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