Jesse's family (2008)

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Diana and Jesse McFarland, Tyler and Jake Robbins at Carroll Flood's Easter egg hunt, Wildwood, Illinois (March 2008)

Lynn, Jake, and Jesse wrestling with Troy (the cat)

Jesse's dinosaur cake, 4th birthday (21 June 2008)

Jesse with dinosaur cake, candles lit, Diana in jeans behind (21 June 2008)

Diana cuts the dinosaur head for Jesse (21 June 2008)

Jesse examines headless dinosaur, with grandma Susan at right (21 June 2008)

Jake, Jesse, and Lynn with their cake; the neighborhood school behind (21 June 2008)

Tom and Martha Robbins, with Jesse, Jake, and Lynn. Tom is grandpa to Jake and Lynn (21 June 2008)

Jesse, Lynn, and Jake after July 4th neighborhood party (2008)

Jesse as Rudolph at a school Christmas party (Dec 2008)
At the left, he is wearing his look of regal detachment.