Jesse Landis McFarland-Ward : first day
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1st day video #1
1st day video #2
Short 1st day video #3
Jesse Landis McFarland-Ward about 2 hours old on 16 June 2004, held by father.

Evie (Ward) Reinke holding grandson Jesse McFarland-Ward. Jesse's father (Justin Ward) at right.

Jesse McFarland-Ward ultrasounds, early June 2004

Diana McFarland holding her son Jesse McFarland-Ward.

Evie (Ward) Reinke with sister Debra Oliversen holding Jesse McFarland-Ward.

Justin Ward and Diana McFarland
with son Jesse McFarland-Ward.
Diana McFarland and Debra Oliversen with Jesse McFarland-Ward.

The following 2 images were single frames captured from a video which included the birth scene just above.
The images were brightened and the video lines smoothed out. Click on image to enlarge.
Eventually only one of these 3 similar images will remain here.