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Hannah (Robinson) Landis family tree
(about 1870) The back of the left photo is labeled twice: [1] (older) "Hannah P. Landis (Robinson)" and [2] in a different handwriting, "my grandmother Landis when she was young. Daddy".
[2] was written about 1951, by William Walter Landis, who died a year later. Prior to 1951, Wm. Landis had a serious car accident which may have affected his handwriting. Thus, both notes may have been from William Landis.
An alternate 1870s photo
Print made about 1890 (from clothing style) in Chicago. A copy occurs in the Hannah Landis album, the latter in better condition is used here. An 1880 photo of her husband.
This print of Hannah is also labeled twice: [1] (older) "Hannah P. (Robinson) 1820-1901", and [2] (in different handwriting) "My grandmother Landis, Daddy" written by William W. Landis about 1951.
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