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In December 2009, Larry Landis googled the Landis History written to this website, inquiring about the location of the house built by immigrant John Landis of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. After an email exchange of data, Larry scanned twenty old images from the collections of his parents, Max and Iola Landis and grandparents, James Edward and Naomi Landis. He sent the scans to Tom McFarland, who then assembled the images and other genealogical data into this digital collection.

Larry began his investigation of his Landis family progenitors in the late 1960s following in the footsteps of his late Uncle Oral F. Landis, Oral's daughter Darlene and son Norvan, his second cousin Nancy Landis Foote, and his mother Iola Plate Landis. In later years he has been assisted by, among many others, his wife Sue White, Shirley J. Eskew, Elaine Butcher Patrick, and Landy Gobes. He is also actively researching the Berglund, Plate, Wrightfield, Haines, Hansen, Davis, and Jay families. He is in the process of completing a set of biographical essays descriptive of the eight male progenitors in his line back to John "of Bucks County." He welcomes genealogical inquiries at

Larry is a retired college professor (Sociology) and academic administrator with a doctorate from the University of Iowa. He lives with his wife and three cats, Sheeba, Lester, and Lewie in Spearfish, South Dakota.

In December 2011, Brian Rader began contributing Landis data to this website. Brian Rader's mother is a first cousin to Larry Landis, so this album and Brian Rader's album have been cross-linked.

Both Larry Landis, Brian Rader, and Tom McFarland are descendents of Swiss-German immigrant John Landis of Bucks County.