The family of Florence Burdick and George Sims II

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Sims family tree
George Sims Sr.

The top photo remained unidentified until a labeled copy was found in 2009.
The label for the top photo is "George Sims II & family".

Written on the back: "taken Xmas 1950. These are Bob's children
Kathy 3 1/2 mo. old and Mary Lee 7 yrs old"
Another photo (not reproduced here due to poor quality) shows two seated
adult men, one of whom is supporting a child, and is labeled "this is Bob- Jean's
husband & Bob is holding little Kathy"

This photo is unlabeled but from the same family group.

Alberta (McFarland) Horan writes: "Florence and George came to visit some time in the late 30's as I recall. I was in high school, and I graduated in 1936. Florence came alone in 1941"