Family tree for Robert Burdick
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From: Michael [] Sent: Thu 11/30/2006 1:01 PM
To: McFarland, Thomas L
Subject: Re: Patterson geanealogy


.....Sarah Frances McFarland apparently married Thomas Alexander McFarland around
1905. This is the only McFarland in my database of 4,703 people. Sarah descends from
Hubbard Burdick, son of Elder Robert Burdick (some 7 generations prior). I too descend
from Elder Robert Burdick, making our common ancestor Elder Robert Burdick (1635-1692).
Without looking at a genealogy chart, the sole McFarland in my database would have been
married to a 7th or 8th cousin, four times removed...ergo, while we are nonetheless "related",
Sarah Frances Burdick is genealogically quite removed from my direct line of descendants
in this particular tree.