- Cox Family Album: page 31 Wm Landis with cousin Edmund R. Landis

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William Landis, left, and cousin Edmund R.
Page 31 of Cox Album

A tin type. Jeanne (Landis) Illian, in February 2000, felt that the boy on the left is William Walter Landis. A similar photo appears in Sally's old photos, probably made the same day. Sally's photo may have once occupied page 30 of the Cox Album (Page 30 is now empty). I will suggest the right-hand boy is cousin Edmund R. Landis (born 1887), son of Edmund M. Landis. At the right is the cropped photo of Edmund's head with its dark and featureless right side (from viewer's perspective) replaced by a copy of the opposite side, to give it a sense of completeness. Also compare with later photos of William