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To Miss Hannah

My prayer to the Hannah, is that thy way,
Be suny, and Bright, as the calm cloudless day,
That no shadows may darken, thy morning's blue sky,
No grief dim thy spirit - no tear drop thine eye.

That the pleasure of earth, with its gayest of flowers,
Be strewed neath thy footsteps, to gladen life's hours,
And thy days without sorrow, or trial may seem,
Liked the cherished remberance of some happy dream.
That thy soul may'st be turned from the vain things of earth,
Thy young heart be changed by a holier birth;
That the spirit of god to its alter may come,
And meet in thy bosum a calm, welcome home.
And when thy dark eye shall grow langud and dim,
May thy thy thoughts turn to heaven thy spirit to him, -
And when death's bitter draught thou art destined to sip,
May his peace be around thee - His name on thy lip.
signed "E H May 22, 1842"