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Life witthout friendship is a winding passage
Thro' a wild dessart wrapt in Egyps darkness,
Where howling monsters find perpetual midnight,
Hideous and gloomey,
Where the sad mand'res stray's thro' mental thickets,
Curst with the thornhedge interwove with briars,
Mournful and wretched while his sighs are answered
By fiercing cold winds
Friendship advances and the scenery changes
Lo! devious ways soon turn the path of pleasure
Whild deserts blossom, and terrified darkness,
~ Fly at his presence.
Friendship's landscape deck'd with fragrant roses
Where nature spreads her dainties in profusion,
Where the sweet songsters and the balmy Zephyrs
Blend in one prospect
Friendship has power to sooth the ears of mortals
Sweating our life thro' all its bitter changes
Lays the foundation of a saeal union
wide as creation
Virtuous Friendship leads to wurlds celestial,
Where dwels the seraph crowned with life Immortal
Where the Eternal Infinite in goodness
Pours seas of pleasure

signed "Luista"