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To Miss H P R.......

While thou art in the bloom of life,
May thy true heart ne'er feel a strife,
And may thy pathway ever bloom,
With the flowers of love devine.

Seek for love and truth, to impart
To those who love an honest heart,
And then, when age shall crown thy head,
You'll have dear friends, who'll thee protect.

Tho' scenes we love are left behind,
Still, small mementos oft we find,
That can cheer the lonely heart, and
Call to remembrance those we love.

When days, and months, and years are past,
May you in joy be found at last,
To sing, and praise of love devine,
Of him who gave us friends below.

There is an house beyond the skies,
Where all in honor shall arise,
There to meet the loved on earth,
There to love with love that ne'er can die.

signed "J.C. Hodgdon / Baltimore June 2d, 1842"