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To Hannah

By your brow which beauty brightneth,
By those tones, where music swells,
By that soul whose lustre shineth
From those wild eyes liquid cell,
Love not - or deeply love.

Trust not lightly fond words spoken,
Trust not soon affections smile;
Many a heart hath thus been broken
Cheated by the tempting guile
As thou mayst sadly prove.

Pour not forth affections gushing
T'ill thou seest the proferred cup
Lest that earth, thy spirits crushing
Drink its waters up
And they, swell not again.

Trust thou not impassioned glances,
Oft times false as bright are they.
O'er the marsh, the meteor dances
Thus to lure and thus betray
To gloom and grief and pain.

signed "Wm F S / Baltimore Sept 30, 1842"

Shouldst thou find thine thine Eden dreamings
Met by dreams as pure and fair;
Shouldst thy spirits' brightest teemings
With anothers' visions share
Then, Hannah, guardez vous.

Stifle not the fond impression,
Yet not wholly yield thine heart,
Till thou findst the loved ones' passion
Equal warmth with thine impart
As full, as deep, as true.

Shouldst it win thy spirit wholly
To its wild idolatry
Thou a staff, thou leanst on soley
And thy love requited be
Its strength do thou not impart.

When thou lovest, love forever
Stainless, timeless as the sun
Death alone should dare to sever
Twin hearts which Love hath linked as one
Death is loves' funeral Knell.

signed "H.D.McC / Pratt.Str."