Shelly McFarland
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Family tree for these people
Four generations: (left to right) Dorathy (Landis) McFarland, Sue (Limerand) McFarland, Michelle McFarland (age 1 year, daughter of Sue), Adele (Nenno) Landis (mother of Dorathy, holding Michelle), and Brian McFarland (son of Dorathy, husband of Sue) about 1975.

Randy Rudolph, Shelly McFarland, and Laurie Rudolph, early 1975 Shelly McFarland with first date?
Est 1989
Below : mother Michele (McFarland) Hinz on 20 August 2002,
shortly after the birth of daughter Ellie Hinz (below right)
Video available

Ellie Hinz, Shelly (McFarland) Hinz, and Diana McFarland, August 2003   Ellie Hinz, mid-2004

Ava Hinz with older sister Ellie in 2005