William C. Robinson
Frances Wanton
Edward W.
Steven A..
Frances R.
George C.
William C.

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Information about the William Champlin Robinson family from :

  1. the book Recollections of Olden times; Rowland Robinson and his unfortunate daughter, by Thomas R. Hazard, 1879 reprinted 1998. The book is interesting, but some details are undependable.
  2. the book House of Robinson (1995), by genealogist Paul Bunnell, prepared in consultation with William Champlin Robinson 3rd of Massachusetts, who holds original family records from the 18th and 19th century.
  3. There is a Robinson Genealogical Society, through professional genealogist Paul Bunnell, email "BunnellLoyalist@aol.com".
  4. Vital Record of Rhode Island by James Arnold, published 1906 and later editions