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Math 76O-250 Calculus for Business
Self-marking Practice quiz 1

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[1](a)(1 point) Find f(50) if f(x) =
300 - x
:   f(x) =

"I can solve this problem; can you?"
[1](b)(1 point) For the function f(x) named in problem [1a] above, find x if f(x) = 150.
x =
[1](c)(3 points) Motorola sells 4000 radios (per month) today for $5 apiece. For each $1 increase in this price, Motorola will sell 400 fewer radios. Enter integers (such as 100, -20, or 23) in the boxes below expressing the number N of radios sold in terms of their selling price x
Scoring : 1 pt if only one number is correct number below.
N = x +

[2](a) (2 pts) Name the two x-intercepts and the one y-intercept of the graph of the equation y = (x - 1)(x + 2)
Scoring : y-intercept worth 1 pt ; both x-intercepts must be correct for the 2nd point below

My first x-intercept is:
My second x-intercept is:
My one y-intercept is:

(3 pts) An open-topped box is made from an 8 cm by 10 cm sheet of tin by cutting squares out of each corner and folding up the tabs, as in the animation at the right. Write an expression for V, the volume of the box, expressed in terms of its height x, by entering integers (like 100, -12, or 23) in the boxes below.
  V = x3 + x2 + x

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