Math 76O-250
Calculus for Business
This is Paper Test # 1 [Go to web quiz 1]

Numerical answers are in our text, Hoffman 11th ed.;
Methods will be discussed using other problems;
Links to other web pages were not on original test;
CAUTION: Prof McFarland makes new tests each semester.

Mathematics 250 Test 1 (Quiz : perfect = 10) given Spring 2017
Credit given in proportion to the clarity of your WORK
You need not evaluate anything beyond a point where a calulator is necessary
Average grade on this paper test: 7.35
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Total (max = 10)

[1](a)(2 pts)(Pg 12 #27) If f(x) = (x - 1)3 + 2x2 , find f(x + 1) =
x3 +
x2 +
x +
Enter numbers in boxes above. Do not enter variables

(part of Pg 58 #23, 3 numbers changed)(3 pts) Van Eecke brewery in Watou, Belgium is selling beer for 3 (3 Euros) per bottle today, and at this price, sold 140 bottles today. Van Eecke's production will rise by 1 bottle per day, but the price of each bottle will fall by 0.10 per day.. Express Van Eecke's daily revenue R as a function of the number of days x from today.
R =
x2 +
x +

Enter integers (such as 3, 2000, or -4) in the above boxes.

[2](a) (Pg 93 #16b)(3 pts)The graphs of the following equations meet at two points, one of which is (3,9). Show how ALGEBRA can be used to reveal the coördinates of the other intersection point. Credit is for algebra only ; check by substitution or graphing calculator output do NOT count as algebra.
y = x2     and     y = 15 - 2x

[2](b)(2 pts)(Pg 41 #29, two fractions changed to make arithmetic easier)
Find an equation of the line through the points (- 1
, 1 ) and ( 2
, 3
y =
  x +  
  (enter exact values in boxes; both will be fractions)