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Math 76O-250 Calculus for Business
Self-marking Practice quiz 5
(Areas, the Definite Integral)

Submit over the internet by 11:59 PM Sunday 11 November 2018
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(a)(3 pts) Enter numbers or constant symbols ( such as 5, 0, or -2 ) to express 6(x - 5)2 dx.  
Review methods?
6(x - 5)2 dx = x3 + x2 + x + C
On paper tests, you might prefer to write this answer in a different form.

    (b)(2 pts) Enter the integer value of
6(x - 5)2 dx =


[2] (a)(1 pt) On the graph at the right, click those boxes located in the region R bounded by the curve y = x3 (red) and the line y = x (green).

I need an idea    
  (b)(3 pts) Enter integers below (such as 4, 0, or -3) to express the size of the region R (in question [2a] above) as one definite integral:
It is possible to use 2 integrals, but here, use only one
Scoring: Limits (just right of the integral sign) worth 1 point, and integrand (in parenthses) worth 2 points

( x3 + x2 + x + ) dx
  (c)(1 pt) Find the size of the region you drew in [2a] above by evaluating the integral which you wrote as an answer in (2b) above.
(size of R)   =  

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