Math 250 Business Calculus
This is Paper Test # 5 [Go to web quiz 5]

Numerical answers are in our text, Hoffman, 11th edition;
Methods will be discussed using other problems
Links to other web pages were not on original test;
CAUTION: Prof McFarland makes new tests each semester.

Mathematics 250 Test 5 (Quiz : perfect=10) given Spring 2017
Credit given in proportion to the clarity of your WORK
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Total (max = 10)
Average grade on this test : 7.97
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[1] (a)(#35 Pg 452)(3 pts) Find e0.04x dx   (show work)  
methods ?
    (b)(#35 Pg 452 cont'd, one number changed)(2 pts) Show that
  e0.04x dx     is equal to 25(e - 1)

[2] (a)(part of #13 Pg 438)(3 pts) At the right are the graphs of
[ y = x3 - 3x2 ] and [ y = x2 + 5x ].
      Region A     Region B
Without using a graphing calculator, express the region B (to the right of the y-axis) between the two graphs at the right as a single definite integral by entering specific integers (such as 3, -2, or 0) in the 6 empty answer boxes below. Show some algebraic work, especially in finding the two limit numbers a and b immediately to the right of the integral sign.
x3 +
x2 +
x +
) dx
Review methods of solving equations ?
(b)(rest of #13 Pg 438)(2 pts, for work only) Find the size of the shaded region B.
The answer to [2b] is exactly   875
  (fractions a bit challenging, but not bad)