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Adams family trees

Three houses owned by the Adams Family
Adams house in Sandwich, Illinois, early spring 1898;
the back of the photo is dedicated "138 -- Residence Bert Adams -- Mar 29/98 -- Sandwich" photo on loan from Barbara Hoffman, who obtained the photo in a Sandwich yard sale, along with other photos of Sandwich homes from that era.
1892 Plat map of Sandwich, Illinois; buildings visible in the above photo are below and right of the camera. Drawing not to scale. A possible homesite for the Cox family is the SE corner of West St. and Elmwood Place. The Cox and Adams homes were near each other , according to the obituary of Marie (Cox) Adams
Adams house at 927 South Main Street, Racine, Wisconsin, photo date 2005 by historian Pippin Michelli;
Walter Adams, Marie (Emma Cox) Adams and family lived here between 1897 and 1901

Alternative Adams house at unknown location (probably Sandwich), photo date about 1887.
Marie's dress is the same as the one she wears here