Baurle and Treat
Family Video

This index is for use on DVD only, where all videos can be stored. As of June 2012, videos from the Anderson, De Vos, Horan, Illian, Jurgenson, McFarland, Roscoe, Russell, Salyer, Treat, and Lambert families have been transcribed here into MPG format using Broadway and Adobe Premier software. Links to these video clips may also appear in picture and genealogy sections of this CD.

Newer versions of Windows Media Player allow the viewer to adjust the sound and image quality to enhance the video. For example, some videos may seem too dim or bright : these qualities may be adjusted. It is possible, with effort, to make such alterations a permanent part of the file, depending upon the viewer's tastes. Original videos were done on half-inch analog tape (which will probably be unreadable by about 2020) and later videos on digital camcorder .

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  1. Marilyn Baurle discusses Olsen history (June 2012)
  2. Elizabeth Treat with Susan De Vos in Philadelphia (August 1990 ; 79 sec)
  3. Emily Treat, Diana McFarland swim (August 1990 ; 63 sec)
  4. Treat kids and Diana play (August 1990 ; 257 sec)
  5. Emily, Jimmy, Diana play hide-and-seek at Treat home (August 1990 ; 74 sec)
  6. Emily Treat and Diana McFarland play house in basement (August 1990 ; 180 sec)
  7. Emily Treat and Diana McFarland have a pretend dinner (August 1990 ; 18 sec)
  8. Emily and Diana eat real food in Treat kitchen (August 1990 ; 106 sec)