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Caroline McFarland, born 28 October 1868 in County Tyrone, Ireland, and John J. Reid, probably born in southern Ireland, emigrated to America in the 1890s and were married in New York. This couple had only one child, John Henry Reid ("Jack"). Jack Reid married Mary Agnes Burke on 3 September 1938, and this couple had three children, Norita (who married John Carlson), Robert, and Patricia (who married Craig Winderman).

Very few photos and records of Caroline (McFarland) Reid exist, but in June 2009, Norita and her husband visited Tom McFarland (a grandson of Caroline's brother Thomas A. McFarland), and a good sample of surviving relicts, as well as more recent photos, were scanned and organized into this album. Norita has other old photos which may appear later in this electronic album.

Jack Reid married Mary Agnes Burke, but before their marriage, Mary Burke studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, and in 1936, visited her Irish relatives in County Sligo. Photographs from this visit are reproduced here. Mary (Burke) Reid died before 2009, and as of 2009, Mary's daughter Norita cannot identify the people in these Irish photographs, but they are reproduced here in the hope that someone might later supply identification and context.

Norita's husband, John Carlson, will also contibute information on his Swedish ancestry here. John's family lived north of Göteborg in southwestern Sweden.

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