"The Cenacle": originally built as a private estate by railroad executive Frederick Underwood, later used as a convent by the Cenacle (a religious order), and then abandoned in the early 1950's when this picture was taken from the top of a tall silver maple in the rear yard of 7723 Stickney Avenue, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, looking northeast toward the corner of 76th and North Avenue. In the 1960's, the property became the site of the Wauwatosa City Hall and library. This image is 25KB jpg compressed, 250KB uncompressed. To view a higher-resolution 250KB jpg image, click on the picture; however, if the higher resolution image does not appear dramatically larger than the image below, you have two ways to view the larger image, namely [1] save the image to your disc and use a separate viewing program, or [2] enter the advanced tools menu of your browser and unclick the option to re-size images. The higher resolution image would be 3.4MB uncompressed (24-bit BMP format).
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