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Both photos were loose in the album, probably placed there after Emeline had died. No photographer was identified on either photo. Clothing style is consistent with about 1905. The left photo is pencil-dated 1904 on back; Pat Stephenson (in 2003) owns a copy of the left photo labled "Emma Adams". The right photo appears to date from about 1910, and is dedicated "Merry Christmas to Cousin Will from Martha". The obituaries of Emeline Cox, Henry Cox, and Fannie Cox (courtesy of Sandwich historians Barbara Hoffman and Ken Bastian) all identify Martha as the daughter of Henry A. Cox, Emeline's last child and only surviving son. "Will" is likely "William Walter Landis", son of Alice Louise Cox, Emeline's 3rd daughter: see genealogy. Martha (born 1892 : 1920 census lists Martha as age 28) is likely Henry's only child, since in 1904, his father's obtuary counts 7 grandchildren; these are, three by Marie, two by Alice, and one each by Ella (born 1855) and Henry (born 3 Feb 1860).
Mary (Emma) (Cox) Adams   Martha E. Cox   Dedication on right photo