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Nothing is written on the back of either photo, but a slightly earlier photo of this man identifies him as Henry Alonzo Cox (born 1860). Both photos produced by Stevens in Chicago; both pictures have been digitally cropped, but the backdrops and cardboard backing are identical, suggesting they were taken at the same time, perhaps as wedding photos. Henry (also known as Lon or Lonny) is the only brother of Alice Cox who survived to adulthood. Henry married Fannie Hummel on 1 January 1886 (Fannie born 1865). Clothing of the man became fashionable about 1880 and was common until 1890 but was considered dated by 1895. Clothing of the woman is dated about 1880. If the right photo is to be Henry's wife Fannie, there is another image in this album possibly showing Fannie.
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Henry Alonzo Cox (?)
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Fannie Cox (?)