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Pages 36-37 of Cox Album

Nothing is written or printed on the left photo of an adult. Nothing is written on the right photo (of a child), but the right photo printed by Joshua Smith's, 206 Clark St., Chicago. Identities unknown but possibly mother and daughter, since they were on facing pages. Clothing of the woman is dated 1878-1880. Since this album was created by Emeline Cox, it seems reasonable that the album contain photos of Emeline's 4 children and their spouses. All but two females among these 8 people are identified in photos from this album, and only this woman and one other woman remain unnamed. Thus, by elimination, this woman is either Emeline's daughter Ella Cox (born 1855, age 25 in 1880), or Emeline's daughter-in-law Fannie (Hummel) Cox (born October 1865, age 15 in 1880). A similar face occurs in the Weir album. Ella Cox had one daughter Nell (born March 1882) ; Fannie Cox had one child Martha Cox (born 1892 : 1920 census lists Martha as age 28), possibly the same child as in a later photo.

Page 36 (Ella Cox ?)
Clothing dates 1878-80
  Page 37 (Nell Landis ?)