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The Potter album identifies this man as Alonzo Cox, and the 1860 census reveals that Alonzo was born 1860, but the death certificate of Henry Cox states Henry was born February 1860, which implies that Alonzo and Henry are either twins or the same person. The obituary of his mother Emeline states that she bore six children, of whom two "died in infancy", and 3 sisters (Marie, Ella, and Alice) are fairly well documented and all had children. The natural conclusion is that "Henry A. Cox" (middle name usually unstated) is actually "Henry Alonzo Cox"; the names "Henry", "Alonzo", and "Lonny" describe the same person. This deduction was born out in 2005 when an obituary from the Sandwich Free Press revealed that "Alonzo" was the middle name of Henry Cox. An an earlier photo and possible later photo of Henry exist ; Henry lived to age 67 and had one daughter. This photo is alone on Page 10, but there is an empty space to its left for another photo, and both openings on page 9 are empty. It is possible that the empty spaces are symbols of Emeline's 2 lost sons, Samuel Dodge and Albert Garret? On the facing page are photos of Maria Emma Cox and Walter G. Adams. Clothing style is dated early 1870's. Photo by Charles E. Orr, Sandwich, Ills.

Henry Alonzo Cox ("Lonny")