Sally Illian Album: photo 3, Alice Cox

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Cox family tree
The back of the left photo is "my grandfather Maj. Cox, my mothers father. Daddy 1951"
written by William Walter Landis a year before he died in Milwaukee. See other photos of this couple.
Right photo: Emeline Cox, mother of Alice Louise (Cox) Landis. On the back is written: "Grandma Cox who lived & died in Sandwich, Ill. My mothers mother. I was a small boy when she died. She would have been a great, great grandmother to Tomie, Patie, & Bryant McFarland, also Carol Jean & Suzie Illian.
Dad Landis 11-4-51"
Photo made in Sandwich, Ill. by Chas. Orr, machine dated 1881. The hand writing is by William W. Landis, who probably wrote on all of Sally's photos at the same time, but only this one is precisely dated.
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