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On the back of photo # 2 is written "Mr. A.M.Cox, 5632"; more had been written, but the photo was cropped with a scissors, probably before 1900, and what remains is not readable. Photo of A.M. Cox by J.K. Stevens, 109-110 Dearborn Street, Chicago. Nothing is written or printed on photo # 3. They are on opposite pages (# 2, # 3, reversed here). This couple maintained a second home at 302 Orchard St in Chicago. The scan of image #3 below is from a better quality print in the Hannah Landis album. A photo of Emeline's mother is in this album. The 1860 Illinois census lists A.M. Cox (age 35) as hotel manager residing in Sandwich with Emeline E. Cox (age 36) and 4 Cox children. Historian Barbara Hoffman and archivist Kenny Bastian, both in Sandwich, contributed obituaries of both these people. Briefly, "A.M. Cox" is "Albert Montfort Cox", who (near his death) lived at "Sandwich House" on Center Street. A picture of the hotel is available. Both are buried in Oakridge Cemetery in Sandwich. The clothing of Emeline dates from 1885-1889. See later photos of this couple, an earlier photo, or a group photo.
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