Old objects,
probably from
a collection
of John Wm Landis
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  1. Chain with watch engraved "JWL"
  2. bifocal glasses in case (likely JWL's)
  3. pipe bowl carved as head
  4. watch "Maj. A.M.Cox, Sandwich, Ill."
  5. two jeweled pins
  6. carved pipe stem
  7. bottom: gloves in an envelope marked
    "grandpa Landis' sister's gloves that are
    over a hundred years old". According to
    Jeanne Illian in 2001, "grandpa Landis'
    " is likely "Louise (Landis) Allyn."
    If true, these gloves date from 1837-1852,
    passed to Louise from her mother, Alice.
Four cameos, the upper 3 kept by Dorathy McFarland. The smallest two matching cameos (pin and ring) were originally earrings. The right cameo (with broken nose) is a brooch matching the smallest cameos. The settings of the right 3 cameos appears to be bronze.
The origin of the left cameo is unknown but was found in a room used by Adele Landis in Dorathy's Phoenix home. Alice (Cox) Landis appears to be wearing the largest cameo around her neck in an 1877 photo. Alice's mother Emeline appears to be wearing one of the smaller cameos as an earring in a photo from about 1890. The three right cameos were a set which was split up (with some bad feelings) upon the death of Adele Landis, but was re-united in December 2003 after Dorathy's death, when these pieces were given to Jeanne (Landis Illian) Plotz.
A music box was won in a raffle by John William Landis, probably about 1905. The music box passed to John's son William, and upon William's death in 1952, it passed to William's granddaughter Carroll Flood, in whose home this photo was taken in 2002. For many years, the music box was the subject of bad feelings between William's two daughters.