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Information above comes via email from Irene Clough Hahn of Apache Junction, Arizona.
The above information was shown to Emily Covert Roscoe in 2006, and Emily accepts it as accurate.
Irene writes as follows on 4 August 2004:

I am Irene Clough Hahn. The Roscoe family is not mine however I was doing some research for a friend who does belong to this family. David Wm. Harmon was son of Amelia Taylor who I assumed was a dau of Florence Roscoe. This Florecne was dau of Edward Roscoe and Emelia Agnes Leanard.

The following census frrom 1870 to 1930 shows this family as follows:

Regards, Irene

1870 Federal census St. Charles twp, Charles City P.O., Floyd county IA 10 Aug 1870
Charles Roscoe Sr. age 50 farmer born Canada
Eliza E. Roscoe age 49 keeping house born Canada
Charles Roscoe age 16 at home born VT (born Jan 1854)
Fanny Roscoe age 14 at home born VT
Rosalia Roscoe age 12 born VT
Peter Roscoe age 9 born VT (he may be the Peter born 24 Sept 1860 Shelburne, Chittenden, VT)
Mary L. Roscoe age 7 born Canada
Edward Roscoe age 4 born WI
Clara Roscoe age 1 born IA

1880 Federal census Wadena, Wadena, MN
Roscoe, Eliza age 59 farmer born Canada (she may have died 27 Apr 1883 Wadena county deaths)
Roscoe, Peter age 19 son farm laborer bort VT
Roscoe, Edward age 14 son farm laborer born WI
Roscoe, Clara age 11 dau born IA

Chalres below is son of Charles Roscoe Sr. and Eliza

1880 Federal census Thomaston, Wadena, MN
Chalres L. Roscoe self age 26 born VT parents born Canada
Rosella A. Roscoe wife age 23 born VT parents born Canada
Peter L. Roscoe son age 8 mths born MN parents VT/Canada

Edward Roscoe and Amelia Agnes Leanard below were Davidís maternal great grandparents

1900 Federal census 10th ward Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN 7 June 1900
Roscol, Edward head born Sept 1866 age 33 married 7 yrs born WI carpenter
Roscol, Emelia wife born July 1875 age 24 mother of 3 living 2 born MI
Roscol, Florence dau born May 1895 age 5 born MN
Roscol, Joseph son bonr June 1896 age 3 born MN

1910 Federal census 2nd ward Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah 20 April 1910
Roscoe, Edward head age 44 married 15 yrs born WI parents born Canada carpenter
Roscoe, Emelia wife age 34 mother of 8 living 5 born MI parents born Canada
Roscoe, Florence A. dau age 14 bonr MN
Roscoe, Joseph C. son age 13 born MN
Roscoe, Alvin I. son age 9 born MN
Roscoe, Worthy R. son age 4 born WI
Roscoe, Fern E. dau age 7/12 born Utah

Florence Roscoe Taylor Droubney was Davidís maternal grandmother.
Florence was mother of Amelia Taylor age 7 below

1920 Federal census Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah 3 Jan 1920 on Lake Street
Roscoe, Edward head age 55 born WI carpenter
Roscoe, Amelia wife age 43 born MI (maiden name Amelia Agnes Leanard)
Roscoe, Florence dau age 24 born MN
Roscoe, Joseph son age 23 born MN carpenter houses
Roscoe, Alvin son age 18 born MN
Roscoe, Worthy son age 14 born WI
Roscoe, Fern dau age 10 born Utah
Roscoe, Alice dau age 9 born Utah
Roscoe, Philomena dau age 3 4/12 born Utah
Taylor, Amelia granddaughter age 7 born Utah father born KY mother born MN
Lawrence, Charles boarder age 14 born OH delivery boy in grocery store

Amelia Harmon below was Davids mother

1930 Federal census 1st ward Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah 10 April 1930
Roscoe, Edward head age 65 orn WI parents born Canada speak French carpenter building
Roscoe, Amilia wife age 54 born MI parents born Canada
Roscoe, Worthy son age 24 born WI
Roscoe, Philomena dau age 13 born Utah
Townsand, Fern dau age 20 born Utah
Droubney, Florence dau age 34 born MN
Droubney, Loura L. granddaughter age 1 6/12 born Utah father born Idaho mother MN
Droubney, Walter D. grandson age 4/12 born Utah father born Idaho mother MN
Harmon, Amelia granddaughter age 17 married at age 16 born Utah father born TN
mother MN
Harmon, Dorothy great granddaughter age 10/12 born Utah father born KS mother Utah

I think Florence Droubney above is Ameliaís mother. Florence was either married before or Amelia was born out of wedlock?

Below is Alvin I. Roscoe however this census shows him as Evlan. He is son of Edward and Amilia

1930 Federal census Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah 10 Apr 1930 next to parents
Roscoe, Elvan head age 28 born MN parents born WI/MI turck driver for Trans Am . co
Roscoe, Irella wife age 23 born Utah parents born Utah
Roscoe, Elvan Jr. son age 5 born NV
Roscoe, Lois A. dau age 3 ?/12 born Utah
Roscoe, Carol Jean dau age 1 6/12 born Utah

The following is on the Lenard/Leanard/Leonard family

parents of Amelia Agnes Leonard Roscoe wife of Edward Roscoe and parents of Florence Roscoe

1880 Federal census Evart, Osceola, MI
Joseph Lenard self age 40 born Canada parents born Canada he was a blackwmith
Philomene Lenard wife age 40 born Canada paents born Canada keeping house
Josephene lenard dau age 14 born NH
Nellie Lenard dau age 12 born CT
Daniel Lenard son age 8 born CT
Amelia Lenard dau age 5 born MI (this is Davidís maternal great grandmother)
Joanna Lenard dau age 4 born MI
Frederic Lenard son age 2 born MI
Lea Sicord sister age 21 born Canada parents Canada keeps house (she is sister of Joseph Lenard)

Other information I found on the Roscoe family.

Worthy Arthur Roscoe (found in LDS records)
born 1 May 1905 Barroncott, Barron, WI
died 13 Sept 1953 buried Salt Lake City cemetery
married Ruth Eunice Olswang 24 Nov 1933 in SLC

Alvin I. Roscoe born 15 April 1901 MN died 17 May 1963 in Los Angeles county, California
his death record shows his motherís maiden name was LEONARD.

Phileomene Roscoe married 29 Nov 1933 at Arco, Butte, Idaho to Bennie C. Judd born 1 Dec 1906 died 28 July 1994 Salmon, Lemhi, Idaho