As related by his son Robert Fingers in October 2003
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Betty Wilson's Nenno History

Victor Nenno was also the father of George E. Finger [shown at right with his wife, Mamie Stillwell]. George was to be his eldest son. While working in the Pennsylvania oilfields with his father's oil drilling business, Victor, age 23, met Emelia Finger, Age 20, of McDonald, Pa. As a result of the relationship between Victor and Emelia Finger, George was born on November 28, 1892. Emelia was the daughter of August and Emma Finger of McDonald, Pa.

All the details of this relationship are not fully known. It is said that Victor and Emelia had married, but when revealed, the marriage was quickly annulled by August Finger. August Finger was a very devout member of the German Lutheran church and vehemently disapproved of Victor's Catholic religion. A record of this action cannot be found.

Victor soon after returned to his home in New York state not aware of the fact that Emelia was pregnant. Victor later learned from one of his friends from the oilfields that Emelia had borne his son. Victor returned to McDonald, Pa. and visited August Finger at his home. August told Victor that Emelia had delivered a child but it was stillborn. Victor returned home to New York unaware that Emelia had delivered George in good health. So Victor would not find out otherwise, August had George live with another family in one of the surrounding farm communities for several years and did not file a birth certificate. August took George as his own son giving him his last name. George did not appear on the 1900 census under August's household. On the 1910 census George appeared under August's household as his son and now being 17 years old.

Victor never knew of his son George until around 1945, at age 76, when again through one of his many friends in Pennsylvania he was told that there indeed was a son born to him and that child was alive and well. He finally found George living in Toronto, Ohio with his wife Mamie (Stillwell) [shown at the right] and seven children, George, Jean, Shirley, Charles, Robert, Donna and Edward, four of whom still lived with their parents.

Victor soon visited with George and his family in Toronto, staying almost a week. Robert Fingers, (somehow over the years the name Finger transposed to Fingers) son of George, saw his grandfather for the first time as Victor was walking up the Main street to their home. Victor had stopped at a nearby house and had been redirected by the occupant who stated that George lived in the next house up the street. Victor, dressed resplendently in his suit and tie and carrying his walking cane, proceeded up the street to George's house. Victor was such a striking resemblance to his son, George, that the neighbors had asked why George was all dressed up that day. They had mistaken him for Victor. Not too long after that visit, Victor invited George and Mamie to visit him at his home in Allegany, N.Y. which they did.

George and his family never saw Victor again as Victor died of a massive stroke on August 13, 1947 at the age of 78 at his home in Allegheny, N.Y. One of George's grandsons is Rollie Fingers, well known Major League Baseball pitcher who played for the Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres and Milwaukee Brewers. Rollie (Roland G.) retired from baseball after the 1985 season and was selected to the Major League Baseball Hall Of Fame at Cooperstown, N.Y. in 1992.

This information is provided by Robert Fingers in October 2003