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Page 34

Edmund Landis, Sr.

[Upper left photo in original album] The word "father" is written on the back. Printed in Chicago about 1880. Earlier in life his beard was shorter. Copies of this photo appear in an album kept by Sally Illian, and in a collection of 4 framed photos recovered from the home of Dorathy (Landis) McFarland.

The next 2 photos below both occupied the upper right space on Page 34, the left photo hidden behind the right photo, both printed in Chicago. Clothing style is early 1870's.
Page 29 (upper right, hidden)
Edmund Landis, Sr.1868-1870
  Page 29 (upper right, visible)
Edmund Landis, Sr. 1868-1870

Page 29 (lower left)
Print made in Chillicothe, Ohio, where Alma Moore was raised and where, from Mormon records, Alma married Edmund M. Landis. Hence, this is likely either Edmund Robinson Landis or (more likely) Ida Mary Landis.
  Page 29 (lower right)
Alice Louise (Cox) Landis.
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