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Four generations with father Tom, Diana holding son Jesse, and
Jeanne (Landis) Plotz (sister of Tom's mother Dorathy)
in November 2004 at the home of Carroll Flood in Illinois

Diana checking out son Jesse (November 2004)

Jesse on 25 Nov 2004
from video clip
  Jesse on 6 Jan 2005,
3 days after his operation
  Jesse on 3 February 2005
Same view 4 years later
X-ray taken 2 Jan 2005 showing Jesse's fused saggital suture. His operation the next day
broke open this seam to allow the normal widening of the skull as his brain grew. Without
this operation, as his brain grew, his skull would remain narrow side-to-side but would
become very long front-to-back. The surgeon changed only the skull, not the brain inside.

Jesse with Grandpa Tom (January 2005)   Jesse, Diana at park outside home
ASU Williams Campus, Mesa, Jan 05

Jesse crawls (March 2005)